Fun House Mirror Lite

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If you have laughed while standing in front of a fun house mirror (i.e. distortion mirror), please try this app. It turns your android device into six different fun house mirrors. This is ad supported version of Fun House Mirror app. Clicking on ads earns you time to use the app. At installation, you will have 3 initial minutes. Every tap will give you 3 more minutes. Once you have more than 20 minutes, the ad is no longer shown unless you tap on the remaining minute number. Minutes do not expire and you can click as many times as you would like. 1. Is the distortion funny?Please check out the screen shots of the doll. The one with green boundary is not distorted while the other one is. Distortion effect applied is believed to be interesting and funny when you put an object in the right place.2. Anything unique about this app? Its smooth and hopefully funny distortion effect due to utilization of an advanced hardware feature. Most newer Android devices have this feature. Using hardware acceleration provides a much smoother view than otherwise possible. For example, when tested on HTC Evo 3D, 16~20 frames per second is typical. 3. How do I know if it can run on my device? Once launched, it first auto detects if it can run on your device. If not, an Insufficient Hardware Capability dialog appears and the app will terminate itself. Otherwise, a welcome screen is presented. 4. Can it use both back and front cameras? Yes if you device has them. Long press on screen while live view is on switches between front and back camera. 5. Can I save what I see?Yes. While live view is on, a quick tap will freeze the frame and save it under /sdcard/Fun House Mirror/ in jpeg format. Another tap will resume the live view.6. If I found a picture funny and want to share it with others, what should I do?Two ways. 1) When the frame is frozen, a green share icon will appear. Clicking that will let you choose another app installed on your phone to share that frozen frame.2) Or You can first save the picture and then share it later using any picture viewing app.7. PermissionsCAMERA : obviousWRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: used to save pictureGET_TASKS : used to allow the background music to react correctly to back keyWAKE_LOCK : used to keep the device on while you are watching the mirrorINTERNET : used for advertisement delivery ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE : used for advertisement delivery8. CreditsThe green/red button is courtesy of MazeNL77 @